Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Year 12 Task- Introduction to Scripts

The script tells us that there will be a superimposed caption that explains the year, and the specific time in that year during the French revolution after Napoleon had been defeated and France is ruled by a king again. This introduces the setting and the time period. The script then begins a description of a Toulon port to add more detail to the setting. It describes the scene of a storm them states that there will be more super imposed text telling us where this port is. The script then goes on to describe what is happening in this scene. The script states that there are convicts pulling ropes that are attached to a man-of-war.
The script then introduces one of the main characters of the film, the convict Jean Valjean, it states that he is “a brute of man that seems to feel nothing”.  After doing so the script then gives us a hint to the genre of the film by stating the convicts are singing we know that the film will be a musical. The script then introduces another character, Javert the officer in charge of the work force. Is describes him “looking on, his face rain-lashed and expressionless”. 

The setting was introduced with superimposed text that explains the time period and setting. The camera focuses on the one convict more than the other we assume this to be Jean Valjean. The camera then pans up from the bottom the top of the ship revealing Javert the camera shot tells us that Javert is the man in charge looking down on all of the convicts giving him a sense of power making the convicts seems small in comparison. The genre is conveyed through the music that is played as soon as the film starts after introducing the characters they then begin to sing. I was engaged by the clip because of the way the camera flew through the storm making it seem like an interesting setting and exciting.

Scarface script
This script states there is a narrator; the narrator explains the backstory of the film. We know that it’s a crime film because of the things the narrator says explaining the story of a “minority” known as the los bandidos. After this the script then introduces Tony Montana the main character. “close up of Tony Montana                                                                                                                           the scar-faced one, in the young angry prime of his life. We dwell first on the scar which he likes to scratch now and then. We move to the eyes, pure in their fury.  Finally we encompass the face”
The scripts are very different because of the way set out. The scene and the characters are introduced in different ways one using superimposed text the other using a narrator. Superimposed text works better for les miserables because of the genre of film not many musicals would use a narrator because it differs so much from the rest of the film. Whereas Scarface is a more action crime film the narrator works better