Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Crime Film trailer analysis

The first shot in the trailer tells us instantly that this is a crime film. The shot zooms in to four men wearing long black coats and as they open the coats they are all wearing body armour and all have guns. This follows the codes and conventions of a crime film with the use of guns and disguises. The music used in the trailer is fast paced and lively this indicates that this film will be action packed and also fast paced. The shot then fades to a black background with red text with the words "from Guy Ritchie director of lock stock and two smoking barrels” This is used because Guy Ritchie is a famous director that has directed a film in the same genre and people that have seen the previous films that he has directed may want to see this one.  The next few minutes of the trailer are used describe the story. The trailer is still very fast paced it often jumps to the different characters that are in the film while still describing the story. This sets the audience up for the hectic nature of this film. The film often jumps between several different characters that are all after the same thing, which is described as “a diamond the size of a fist “in the trailer, the trailer helps set up the feel of the film by cutting between the different characters and telling the brief parts of the story so nothing is spoilt. The whole trailer is narrated by Jason Statham much like the film. This gives the audience the impression that he is the main character in the film as he is the voice heard throughout the trailer. After the story has been explained it then shows the actors that are in this film. The music in this part changes to something that represents a Mexican stand off this tells the audience that all these characters are against each other in the search for this diamond. The film has a lot of well know actors in it. They are all stated at the end of the film to get the audience interested in it, if they see an actor that they like they may be really interested in going to see the film. The trailer also shows the comedy side of this film. There is a big part of this film where no can really understand Brad Pitt’s character and it offers up some really funny moments as show in the trailer. While watching this trailer it is easy to tell that it is a crime film it follows all the code and conventions. There is use of guns, it explains that the story is about a diamond worth lots of money, lots of actors that are featured in other crime films and it also has a crime boss that is feared and is looking for the diamond.   

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