Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dexter opening analysis

The scene starts with a black ground and then the title of the show appears. The colour then changes to a blood red and tense non-diegetic music starts to play. This sets the tone to introduce the main character Dexter, daytime blood spatter analyst for Miami metro night time serial killer, the background then fades to a close up of a puddle with the refection of the moon in it.  The red colour of the streetlights makes the puddle look like a puddle of blood. The shot then fades to a man driving a car there is very little light used so it is hard to make out the driver of the car. As the camera is focused on the shadowy figure a voice narrates the words “tonight’s the night, and it’s going to happen again and again” these word along with the tense music tell us that the man in the car looking of something or someone. the shot then changes to a close up of the car’s rear-view mirror only showing the eyes of the man driving the car his eyes are shifting from left to right indicating once again he is looking for someone. the narrator then starts to talk about the Miami life the night life and the food. “Miami is a great town I love the pork sandwiches” he says and after a pause says “But I’m hungry for something different now” as he says the shot then changes to a choir singing and the tense music stops. The camera then pans out until it sees the man leading the choir it then stops on him and the music plays again. There is then a shot of the man in the car with the choir in the distance. All this tells us the he has found the man he is looking for and tonight is the night that he satisfies his hunger for something different.            

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